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I’ve always had an interest in travel and wildlife, but became seriously interested in the photography side of things about 10 years ago. Since then it’s become a way to escape the stresses of my “real” job and to exercise the creative side of my brain, as well as being something I love to do.

I’ve been privileged to have visited and photographed nature and wildlife in six of the seven continents (will get to Australia and New Zealand one of these days!) and have made several trips to the Arctic.

My favourites to photograph are the big cats – I’m never happier than watching leopards or lions (especially if they have cubs), although polar bears are a close runner up, and being close to tigers is simply breathtaking. I’ve also been known to take the odd photo of rainbows and other natural phenomenon.

Processing wise I believe in keeping images true to what was there – it’s a way to enhance the RAW file to deliver what you saw, and I’m not interested in changing backgrounds or vastly altering an image. I have no objection to people who do – but in my view that’s digital art and no longer photography.

Thank you for visiting my site – it has a selection of my images from the past few years. I hope you enjoy the photos!


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